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Bad Employers for November, December 2011

Sadly, there’s a new batch of employers on the MOL’s shame list, this time for the months of November and December 2011.  These are employers who violated the ESA and yet refused to pay up, requiring prosecutors to take them to court.  This is not a list of all employers who violated the ESA during this period.  There are many more of those.

Here is the archived list of past months’ Bad Employers. For employers that do not want to find themselves on this list, learn the laws and comply with that.  If you don’t understand the rules, talk to an employment lawyer, or spend some time reading the very helpful materials available on the Ministry of Labour’s website. These materials will also help inform employees of their legal rights.

Here are the Bad Employers for November and December 2011 from the Ministry of Labour’s Sunshine list. Do you do business with any of these irresponsible employers?


As usual, many of these bad employers are in the fast food, restaurant, and service sector where wages are low and unions non-existent.

Subway (Square One),  overtime

Tim Hortons (Newmarket), vacation

Sportster Bar  (Toronto),  failure to keep records

Soul Restaurant (Ottawa)  postings and records

Trattoria Piazzetta (Toronto) holidays

Remarks Bar & Grill (Toronto) pay, holidays

Butler Chevrolet Pontiac (Pembroke) minimum wage

Paul Sadlon Motors (Barrie)  overtime, minimum wage

Allen’s (Toronto)  pay, holiday pay

Dora Keogh (Toronto)  pay, holiday pay

Social (Ottawa)  overtime, holiday pay

Takara Bune Japanese Restaurant (Toronto)  vacation pay

Milagro Grill (Ottawa) overtime pay

Swiss Chalet (Brampton)  overtime pay

Scholar Montessori School (Newmarket) wages

20/20 Bar & Grill (Niagara)  pay, holiday pay

Carriage House (Niagara) pay, holiday pay

Muzik Clubs (Toronto)  overtime, withholding wages, holidays

Fitness One (Brampton)  wages, vacation pay, notice of termination

Quiznos (Newmarket)  public holidays

To these employers, we give you a giant raspberry.


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