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New Work Life Comic: Dismissal Without a Cause

Lots happening this week at my Bar.   Take a look at this comic, and consider the legal issues that arise from it.

Questions for Discussion

Here’s some typical Employment Law questions.  Can you answer them?

1.  My Bar is nonunion, so James is governed by an individual employment contract.  That contract doesn’t require the employer to have a reason to terminate him.  That being the case, does James have any legal action against his employer arising from this termination?  Is there other information you’d require to answer?

2.  Now assume that James’ contract said that he could be terminated at any time “with 2 week’s notice”.   James has been my employee for 3 years.   Does that make a difference to your answer?

3.  If James has a legal action against me, and he were to win, would he get his job back in your opinion?

4.  If my workplace were unionized, and James was covered by a collective agreement, would the situation be different?  If so, how?



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