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Manitoba To Repeal Two-Tier Law That Allowed Paying Disabled Workers Less

Recall the case I discussed last month involving an employer in Ontario who paid its disabled workers $1 per hour for years?  It was called Garrie v. Janus Joan.  I’ve explained that case before, so won’t repeat it here.

Manitoba's Minister of Labour: Province to End Two-Tier Wages for Disabled

One thing we noted back then that there wasn’t a specific exemption in Ontario’s Employment Standards Act for paying disabled workers less than non-disabled workers.  However, I noted that in other provinces there was, including in Manitoba.  Section 85 of the Manitoba Code allowed employers to obtain permits from the government to pay disabled workers less.  Professor Ravi Malhotra of U. of Ottawa Law wrote an editorial condemning that law a while back, which I reproduced on my blog.

Now Ravi passes along word that the Manitoba government has decided to repeal Section 85.  Here is a Winnipeg Free Press story quoting government officials explaining the move.  When Ravi speaks, people listen!

Issues for Discussion

What do you think a law that permits, or grants the state the right to authorize, employers to pay disabled workers less than non-disabled workers?

Can you think of arguments both for and against such a law?


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