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Honoured to Receive the 2012 Fodden Award for Best Canadian Law Blog

I was surprised and honoured to learn my law blogging peers had selected Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog as the 2012 Fodden Award winner as Best Canadian Law Blog in this year’s Canadian Law Blog Awards (CLAWBIES).

This Blog Recognized as Best Canadian Law Blog, 2012

The Clawbies are awarded each year after a nomination and selection process by a panel of Canada’s leading law bloggers, including Simon Fodden of Osgoode Hall Law School and SLAW fame, Jordan Furlong, and Steve Matthews of Stem Legal.

I’ve been doing this blog thing for almost 5 years now, hard to believe.  Hopefully, it has achieved its goal, which is to challenge students of work law, industrial relations, and employment law to become informed and to think critically about how we govern work in Canada. The fact that the blog has found an audience beyond students I think speaks to the importance of work and employment to everyone, and to fact that the subjects I have the privilege to research and teach are so interesting.

Congratulations to the other Clawbie winners and runners up.  I agree with the judges who noted the quality and scope of legal blogging in this country has improved exponentially in the last few years.  Special call out to my York/Osgoode colleagues who also made it onto the list this year, including Off the Shelf, the Osgoode Hall Law School Library Blog and The Court.

And with that, we turn the page, and look forward to 2013, a year that promises intrigue, compelling story lines, villains and heroes in Canadian work law.  Happy New Year.


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