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Repost of My Analysis of Target’s Anti-Union Video

I heard on the radio yesterday that Target has officially arrived in Canada!!!

targetThat means they have hired retail employees, I assume.  In celebration of this event, I’d like to repost something I published some time ago.  In this post, I link to an American anti-union video Target forced upon new employees.  I then gave my own colour commentary of whether the claims made are true and legal in the Canadian context.

I’m not sure if Target is forcing employees to watch videos like this in Canada, so I’m not saying this is happening here.  If it is, I’m sure we will hear about it soon enough.

Here is my earlier post from June 2011.



One Response to Repost of My Analysis of Target’s Anti-Union Video

  1. Jerry Reply

    March 8, 2013 at 8:38 pm

    I know one former Zellers employee who was hired by target. That video was not shown.

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