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Pleadings: The Short Hem Incident

This entry introduces a new category called “Real Life Pleadings”, in which I will post pleadings from interesting cases.  This should be useful to students, who can see how these cases take form.

On May 15th, this Blog referred to a case in which an employee had filed a human rights complaint challenging her employer’s order that she where a skirt with a hem shorter than she believed was consistent with her religious beliefs.   Thanks to James Robbins of Cavalluzzo Hayes in Toronto for sending me the complaint-1nov16 that was filed with the Human Rights Commission.   As I noted in the previous entry, the case ultimately settled when the employer agreed to move the employee into a job where she did not have to wear the offensive hem.  Here’s the ‘memorandum-of-interim-agreement-1.   Ultimately, the employer agreed to allow the woman to return to her old screening job… with a longer hem.  Common sense prevails occasionally.


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